Join our Affiliate Programme

The Slowlist is a slow fashion & homeware marketplace for independent brands and makers and we’re looking to work with likeminded bloggers and online publications.

If you write a fashion, homeware or lifestyle blog or online publication, promoting sustainable and eco-conscious practices, we invite you to join our Affiliate Programme.

So, how does it work?
In simple terms, after successfully registering with us, all you need to do is list an affiliate link on your own website, which links to a product or page on our website. When a customer clicks the link and makes a purchase from our site, you receive a commission.

Working with us will in turn help promote and support sustainable and ethical practices. We provide you with everything you need to promote our marketplace, including marketing materials and product feeds.

All you need to do is register your interest and we’ll be in touch if your application is successful. You can find out more via our terms and conditions.